Sodium Cyanate Manufaturer - NaOCN

Saichem Group have years of experience in manufacturing Sodium Cyanate and potassium cyanate. Our utmost goal is to provide high quality sodium cyanate and excellent service at competitive price. Our other concern is environment safety thats the reason in most of our products we add vibrant hues that outcome environment friendly chemicals. Our sodium cyanate and other chemical and dyes products are highly appreciated by our overseas client. We export our chemicals to major part of the globe. Quality product, excellent customer service, competitive price and environemnt friendly made us India's leading Sodium cyanate exporter and manufacturer.

Sodium Cyanate - NaOCN
Chemical Product and Company Identification


Sodium cyanate, 88 - 92 % remainder sodium carbonate,carbamide


Cyansan, Cyanic acid, sodium salt, Natriumcyanat 9 (German), Cianato de sodio (Spanish),Cyanate de sodium (French)


Sai Chem Group of Companies, Ahmedbad, Gujarat, India

Physical and Chemical Properties
Specification Description
Name Sodium Cyanate (Cyanic Acid Sodium Salt)
Chemical Formula NaOCN
Molecular Weight 65.015
Description White Free flowing powder
Odour Odourless
Freezing/Melting Point 550 ºC
Density 1.893 g/cm3
Solubility 10 gm at 25ºC
Purity Minimum 90%
Soda Ash Content Less Than 5%
Cyanate (-OCN) Content Between 59.5 % to 61.3 %
Loss on Drying (At 110ºC)Max Maximum 0.05
PH of Solution in Water (H2O ) (5 Wt %) 10.0 to 11.0
Sodium Cyanate Applications

Sodium Cyanate is mainly used as herbicides, mostly to wipeout weeds in lawns and onion crops. It also used as a fertilizer because sodium cyanate contains high volume of nitrogen.

Sodium cyanate is also used in the synthesis of pesticides and dyes intermediates. Because it reactios with organic compounds are formation of urea derivatives are obtained by reaction with amines. It is also used in the syntheses of pesticides, detergents and plastic additives.

Packaging Information

HDPE Bags inside liner of 20 Kgs, 25kgs, 40 Kgs & 50 Kgs. Capacity