Saichemgroup of companies, established in 1997 with the aim of exporting various chemicals in the chemical industry. The products exported since 1994 include biochemical and biochemical materials, petallurgy, pharmaceuticals products and drugs, dyes and dye raw materials, fertilizers, food ingredients worldwide. Saichemgroup of companies are deeply engaged in this chemical export with deeper understanding on the global market. As the chemical industry is the key contributor to the world’s economy, it needs significant investment on R&D. We export the chemical products from the ISO certified manufacturing who meet the international standards in quality in a cost effective way.

We have developed a long-standing and close relationship with our manufacturers to offer the high qualified products from the best manufacturers. Company's improvement is measured by preparing the checklists, verification procedures and indicators to check the performance levels.

We have taken each crucial step with more plan to gain the customer satisfaction. With the great effort, planning and support from the manufactures and feedbacks of the customers, we have become the leading exporters of this industry. This has helped us to meet both the demands of the suppliers and customers on time. We are at your service from any place in the world. Our logistics and materials handling departments make the necessary arrangements and coordinates to deliver the products anywhere around the world.

We are proud to announce as the leader in the exports of chemicals and other intermediates. Our competitive rates and quality of products attracts many customers around the world, given an opportunity to expand worldwide. We also import the raw materials and other intermediates for our manufactures, thus helping to provide the best product to produce the quality product out of it.

Each and every customer can get the technical reports and data about our product from our technical team and status of your goods from the logistics department. We have immense pleasure in serving our customers with ISO certified products and do customer support every day.

Our website provides comprehensive information about the products exported, quality, services, and the new products to be launched. We are focused on delivering the innovate and technology based solutions without compromising the safety and sustainability in the chemical industry.

Saichemgroup of companies has changed more dramatically over the years, our commitment towards the original goal to provide high quality and affordable products to customer and suppliers have been the same.

We are happy to explain in detail about our products to the customers and help to find the right products meeting their requirements, deliver the best quality standard product with the timeline at the affordable cost, without wasting the time and money.

For any purchase or order or clarification or business deal, feel free to contact us through phone, email or fax. Our support team will provide you with the speedy reply. Discuss about your requirements and timeline, we will deliver you with the best suited products to any corner of the world on time.