Saichemgroup of companies established with a very strong team CEO and Directors, the well experienced people in the chemical Industry. This team was aware of chemical industries economical influence on the nation. Though dramatically grown since 1994, Saichemgroup of companies have laid a strong foundation in 1997. We are the exporters of chemicals and its intermediates to various industries such agriculture, healthcare and other industries. Now we have grown up as a leader in this industry in India with a strong foundation in various aspects. We have acquired the customer satisfaction because of our efficient service and effective products at low cost.

Our Mission

Our customer's satisfaction in both quality and service is the hallmark for us. In each contract we make with the customers, we agree to deliver the excellent quality product at low cost and best reliable service. It is the responsibility of each of us to keep up the commitment to the levels agreed in the contract. Serve the society with science by exporting the quality products to enhance the lives of everyone.


Customer's satisfaction is our hallmark. we are assuring to our customers for our high efficiency with professional approach.


  • To become the largest suppliers of chemicals in the world with more branches throughout the world without compromising the cost.
  • To enhance the values to our customers.
  • To deliver the innovative technology solutions to the customers with higher quality at lower cost.
  • To create a great place to work and inspire people the best they can give.
  • To create a healthy and a safety planet by being a responsible citizen to make the difference.


  • Each and every product is tested by taking a sample before delivering to the customers to ensure the quality of the products.
  • If required by the customers, we deliver the sample reports or the sample to the customers through email or directly or indirectly.
  • Each stage of the shipping is taken snaps and sent to the customers through e-mails.
  • Ensure safety in exporting the chemicals to the customers without any damages or loss to the nature. Care for the nature and the customers.
  • Importing the quality chemicals for the affiliated manufactures to deliver the quality required products to the agricultural, automobile, painting, personal care product and other industries.
  • Integration of excellence in quality and services has played a vital role in the growth of Saichemgroup of companies.
  • Commitment towards the work has also attracted customers from various parts of the world.
  • Passion towards importing and exporting the innovations in the chemical industry and distributing to the other countries.
  • Speed - delivering the product at the customer place on time without any loss or damage and care taken at each stage.

Our group of companies are the unregistered or registered trademarks in both written and logo form. We guarantee the best quality products which are used in automobile, paint, healthcare and other industries at the low cost. Thus making it reach all the level of people in the world.

Best quality at lower cost opens a wider window for the world companies to venture into this industry. Competing with the international companies to give the international standard ISO products at the affordable cost is a most challenging task.

We take all the comprehensive steps to compete with this competitive world to retain and increase our customers. We have developed a long-lasting and closer relationship with each customer to purchase the right and high quality product meeting all the requirements. Feedbacks of customers and suppliers are considered to analyze the various growth strategies of the company.

Our customer support team makes a speedy responds to the customer emails, phone call and fax. We have taken various steps to inform about the shipment status through emails. Our delivery department and logistics make the necessary arrangements and coordinates about delivering the product in any part of the world.

Customer satisfaction and their feedback on our site, attract customers from various parts of the globe. All the information about the product and the testing process involved are explained on the site, thus making the customers to know about the quality of the product.

We take immense pleasure in serving the customers and suppliers with the high quality product in the industry at the lowest cost.